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Dell Service Request Form

Diamond Systems and Supplies Ltd is a Dell Authorized Service Provider (Service Center). If you have any problems with your Dell system (desktop, laptop, servers & printers) under warranty you don’t need to call Dell or go online and chat with Dell.

You can simply send an email to our support staff acheter cialis to support@diamond-sys.com or you can call our help desk @ 8686534923 We  now offer our customers the ability to check for themselves whether their Dell Computer is still under warranty or not. Simply click the external link provided below. This link would take you to the official Dell website. All you need to do is  type in the Serial Number of you computer in the space provided and it would automatically check and inform you how many warranty days you have left on your computer, if any as well as what region your computer is under warranty.

Please note that we only cover warranty for computers under the Latin American regions.

Check Dell Warranty

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